Deal check Subaru Outback Limited 2.5i

Hey, I’ve been going back and forth with a dealership to get this car a good deal. What do y’all think? I can’t get the dealership fees to go down, he said pretty much their bottom price right now.

Make / Model : 2020 Subaru outback limited option package 34 (loaded)
MSRP: $37,599
Price: $32,244 (14.2% off MSRP)
Months: 36
Mileage: 10k
Residual: $22,559.40
Money factor: 0.00055
Drive off: $1000
Incentives: $0
Acquisition Fee: $622.20
Dealer fee: $693.67
Government fee: $59.07
Monthly Payment: $351 after taxes
Lease Hackr Score: 9.1years

I could not make the exact numbers on the calculator, I suppose their money factor might be a little more than the one I got from Edmunds.

It’s an excellent discount considering Subaru. I personally never lease Subaru’s it never seemed to make financial sense to me. Only thing better would be a purchase and ask them to come down another point or two.

Agreed ^

Sick discount, get a point or more off, then finance, especially if that’s pre incentive % off.

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I had in my mind to purchase at first, but moving so much liquid asset to make that payment go low doesn’t make sense to me. I’d rather lose a little on a lease and move money in ways to make more money. I haven’t signed yet, still thinking on all the options. I did go to the dealership for the last little bit of discount, they said only would take some more off if I would to pay cash, that ain’t happening.

Looks good to me. Which state are you in?

Only saw this now, I’m in CO