Deal Check - Subaru Ascent Limited

Looking to upgrade from our 2011 Ford Explorer into another 3 Row SUV. Would like to make the move before the end of the year, if it would make sense to wait until Nov or Dec for better incentives I would be down.

Test drove this Ascent today and liked it. Thoughts on this offer?
Limited Trim w/ 7-Passenger Tech Package
36mo/10k Miles

Missing what seems to be the most important info, the selling price before incentives.

How much of the discount is from the dealer MSRP discount, how much is incentives?

That is usually where you can make the biggest impact

Also head to the edmunds forum and see what the base money factor is, you can also negotiate that.

This dealer said they do not negotiate/ no-haggle pricing. Sorry I forgot to say I checked edmunds and the money factor and residual are the same.

Think of all the time they saved you in having to figure out to not do business with them. Now you can skip the back and forth and just immediately move on to a dealer that wants to do business.


Haha, that was my initial feeling as well. However, I did get quotes from two other dealers in the area that came in $1300 & $1997 higher on sales price. Still waiting to hear back from a couple of others.

Their whole shtick is they are not a typical dealership. Non-commissioned staff, upfront/transparent, competitive price. BS?

If people believe it, they probably make more money and don’t have people drive them down.

Now is the time to take that deal and get someone else to beat it. $2000 at this price point is less than 5%. Can you get someone to take 6% or 7% off their current price?

Those other dealers sent you their starting price, that is by no means their final price. That’s why it’s good to know what is incentives and what is the dealer discount. If they are only giving you a few percent off discount with high incentives, that means they have room to move on it. If they’re already at 10%, there might not be much meat on the bone.

Get all the numbers, fill out the calculator and post it, there are people far more knowledgeable than I they can tell you how much you should be shooting for.

I appreciate the advice, I will find out and follow up.

Have you compared quotes on the 2020 vs the 2021? Lower interest rate and dealers might be more willing to discount them. If you’re looking for a “good” lease deal you should generally be looking for a money factor with at least three zeroes after the decimal point.

Exactly, I don’t even waste my time with one price dealers, although even some one price dealers don’t even follow their own rules.

I’m not sure where you are located, but I was quoted something very similar for an Ascent Limited. Decided to spend the extra $40 and get into a loaded XC90


I’m in northern Colorado, thanks for the help.