Deal check, please. 2021 Honda Odyssey Ex-L

Odyssey Ex-L
Msrp $39,580
Sale price after discounts, $1,000 dealer incentive, $1,000 odyssey loyalty incentive: $33,750
$0 down, first payment at signing.
Mf .0012, residual 62%

Payment $383.72 10/36
Located in Minnesota.

Open to recommendations on pricing and anything else o should be looking into as an alternative. This will be our fifth odyssey lease.

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Did you confirm the money factor with Edmunds forum?

Here is a good resource I’ve found for Odyssey pricing:

That said, personally I think this is a great deal. I’m on my third Odyssey lease.

Without researching the RV, MF, and recent deals, seems like a strong deal for the car, especially with only $200 DAS and taxes in the payment.

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