Deal Check on new 2023 Nissan Pathfinder SL

Local dealer is running an ad for a 2023 Nissan Pathfinder SL…

MSRP: $46,000
Monthly Payments: $259/month
Total Payments: $4,662
Residual: $41,860
Down Payment: $2,495
Total DAS: $3,449 (includes 1st payment and doc fees)
Term: 18 months
Miles: 10k/year
Tax, bank and DMV fees: Not included in this price

Thoughts? Does this sound like a decent starting point for this vehicle?

There is a quite a bit of discussion on here regarding the Pathfinder leases. Do some reading on those, complete the calculator for your deal, and that should paint a better picture for you.



Dealer ads are rarely where good deals live.

You are much more likely to find a compelling starting point for a reference deal in Marketplace or in recent signed deal posts.

I have several questions about the dealer offer, but it’s probably not worth your time or mine to list them all. :slight_smile:

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The $259/month makes it sound/look cheap. I guess that’s the goal of the AD.

But in reality, with $3, 449 due at signing, that’s almost another $200 per month (if spread across the 18 months).

At ~ $450/month for a Pathfinder SL with MSRP of $46, 000, this is quite a lukewarm deal, and not as good as it looks initially.

One key figure, that’s missing from your figures, is the selling price. How much discount is being taken off the $46, 000 MSRP? If you look at recent Pathfinder deals, you will see other who got discounts ranging from 5% to almost 10% off.

It looks like you are in NJ. There are several brokers serving your area, who might be able to easily beat what you have right now. (If you are looking for an easy way to a deal).

It’s a lot more once you capitalize the taxes, acq and other fees.

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I’ll post more details shorty but I pulled the trigger on a 2023 pathfinder SL earlier today.

Msrp: $51k
DAS: $2k (includes 1st month pmt)
Monthly pmt: $547 for 17months
10k miles per year

That’s effectively $628/mo, which sounds pretty bad. Why’d you sign before doing more research?

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$45k pathfinder SL was done at $5500 one pay plus $2700 MSD for 18/10000. East Coast.

That’s a stellar deal!

With this Pathfinder lease program, the residual is high so the depreciation part of the monthly payment is low (mine is just about $100). It’s the rent (finance) charge that makes up the bulk of the payment. So one pay, and MSD’s can make a huge difference *(by lowering the money factor).

What was the money factor on your deal? And which State was this? Maybe you could post all your figures. ~ $305/month for a vehicle like this is really good, especially post-covid.

But why???:cry:
There are at least 3 brokers on this sites with better deals than this and one can even do OnePay with MSD….

I give up…:pleading_face:

@Lvs23 I’ve been on the hunt for a Pathfinder Platinum, but so far, my search has been a bumpy ride. I’ve reached out to three brokers, but unfortunately, I’ve struck out with all of them. One broker was unable to secure the deal and even returned me the broker fee. The other two brokers are quoting prices higher than advertised in this forum, which has me feeling more than a little frustrated.

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