Deal check on a 2020 AWD HONDA PILOT EX-L 36M/12K MILES


Got the following quote from a dealer in the Philadelphia area.
MSRP = $42,455
Sale price = $38,379
Dealer incentive = 1500
Conquest= $1K
Drive off = Zero
36 month/12k miles
417.00, includes tax
MF = .00069
Residual = 59%
417 a month (tax included) sign and drive.


How does it compare to the other Pilot deals here?

My deal is 25.00 more a month than thebest pilot deals ive seen.

You may have another % or 2 on the discount but as long as that is base MF looks like you’ve done well.

You need that sale price at $35400 then you would have a great deal

My sister last mont got an EX-L in NJ for $370 with $370 due at signing. Not sure what the deal looked like but that was the final price. She was also eligible for loyalty.

Last months doesn’t count anymore. It’s last month.

Thanks for the feed back everyone. I was working with limited inventory and the color the wife wanted was limited to a few dealers.

Overall I landed at my absolute max I would pay for the pilot.

A couple grand is a small price to pay for a happy wife! Overall I think you did a great job.

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I think you can still get one for $0 OOP in SE Asia.

I don’t think there is a return-replace policy on the current one.


There is but there is a restocking fee of 50%.


:microphone: drop :rofl:

And the 50% fee is not on the original msrp but all future income.

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Damn right, forgot we aren’t talking depreciation here from original MSR but rather all add-ons after the original transaction.

lmao you guys are to much!

That’s one way to describe kids :rofl:

That and cars, houses, etc. except probable for the debt still on the books. That’s solely remains in your possession like a down payment that’s gone when it is considered a total loss.