Deal Check - Nissan Pathfinder SL

Looking for advice on a third row SUV. Live in central Kentucky, and have been trying to get a GC - L but most dealers around here won’t budge on MSRP. Reached out to Auto Ninjas yesterday (waiting on reply) but really don’t know how they operate either. Any advice on some great deals with 3 row SUV’s? Or a better method/approach?

Look into a Pathfinder

Gupton was offering 7% invoice on instock. I’d check with Renee

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Finance a Highlander or Telluride.

It will cost you way less on a TCO basis.

That’s why you use a Broker and have it delivered, because too few around you. Go to the Marketplace.

Otherwise enjoy paying $$$ for 3rd row locally.

The Dan Cummins locations might play ball. They’re strong on order pricing, going 4% invoice, but not sure on in-stock.

They did force me into a Stellantis Financial lease when I wanted CCAP but that might have been the obvious signs I was flipping. They will also markup MF.

Agree that a broker or maybe Gupton is your best bet.

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2023 Nissan Pathfinder SL
MSRP - $46075
Selling Price - $43588
MF - 0.00324
Residual - 70%
Terms - 18/10
Payments - $575
DAS - $575

I’d suggest editing your tags so they aren’t worthless like they are now. SUV and USA-nationwide are barely descriptive

Thanks I updated it. Appreciate the feedback on the deal too!

You’ve missed the boat (first quarter these were sub $300 plus tax).

I seen a lot of great deals in early Q1 posted for Nissan. Def missed that.

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