Deal check Mazda CX-9

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As someone that had a current gen CX-9 GT for a couple years, it isn’t worth anywhere near that price. That’s about $200 more per month than the car is worth.

With all that said, your discount is much lower than I’d expect. Have you verified mf/rv/incentives with edmunds?

No I have not

For $550/mo, there’s nothing the CX-9 offers that isn’t significantly better in a XC90.

This is the first time me leasing a vehicle my credit score was 670. So Everyrhibg is new to me. I haven’t sign nothing yet. My wife didn’t like the xc90 it wasn’t enough space for her and my kids

What I’d suggest you do then is step back from talking to dealers about any specific vehicles at all. Take some time to read through the leasing101 section and figure out the basics of leasing.

If the XC90 didn’t have enough room in it, then a CX-9 should be a non-starter. It’s a smaller vehicle.

Really bad deal. If you have bad credit leasing probably is not for you.

I have a CX-9 GT that’s over $100/mo cheaper for better terms. Looking at broker sheets that car should be sub $400.

You may be better considering a Pre-Owned CX-9 now that the new model has been out for a few years.

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Seems real high. Just looking at the May spreadsheet on leasehackr from one of the brokers, it seems like you could get a far better deal. Unless this has to do with credit issue.

Credit score is 670. Taxes are 6.5 and the price includes taxes and fee.

You definitely want to find out what they’re doing with the mf based on your credit.

I didn’t run number based on your zip code I used NJ for example purposes. With $500 out of pocket I see you should be under $450 per month. If you have any questions please feel free to give me a text/call 201-702-2773

For these money you can be in Acura MDX Tech AWD with MSRP ~$52500, just FYI.

Ok thanks for all the info