Deal Check: Mazda CX-5 GT AWD non-premium 36/12 in WA

Hi, I am in WA. It’s a 36/12 lease. Following is the lease detail:
MSRP: 33785
Selling price: 30875 (8.6% off)
Incentive and rebate: 0
Residual: 58%
MF: 0.0004
Acquisition fee: 600
Doc fee: 150
Govt fee: 560
Tax rate: 10.5%

So if I pay all the fees(Acq, doc, govt) upfront, I need to pay 370 (after-tax) per month.
If I levied all the fees to the monthly payment, it would be 410 (after-tax) per month.

The Leasehackr Calculator score is only 7.8.

I have checked on Edmunds, the MF and residual are correct, and there is no lease incentive in WA. I am not eligible for any loyalty rebate neither.

I see MF in other states can be much lower. Even in WA, the MF in Sept was 0.0002, in August was 0.0001. So I guess I am just in an awkward place/time.

The selling price is 8.6% off, which is quite decent(at least not too bad) for Mazda. The MF and fees are fixed.

Is there anything I can do to make the deal better? Thx!

8.6% discount is on the high end of what folks have been able to achieve. The lack of loyalty and the tax rate are not doing you any favors. At 400 a month might be worth also checking out other options if you have not already.

Isn’t there atleast lease cash?

You gotta get some rebates in there somewhere. I got a GT with premium for $345

Where did u get your deal? Is it still available?

That’s a great deal. Which state? What’s your selling price and MF? Thx

No. I will try to get some.

I can’t do anything about MF or tax. But I am trying to get 10% discount and more rebates. Thx

Okay I’m new to the game but from all my reading on here it looks like this dealship is playing games.

Here we go 2020 ram 1500 4x4 Laramie

MSRP: 55,785
Sales price: 43,499

36/12k miles lease
I’m from California 92501 zip

MF I was told on here was .00059 dealership said it’s .00052

Residual was told from here is 56%

My calculations I showed pay 460 a month

Dealership said this:
For the truck you looked at on my website your payment is $764 with $1500 down. This is for a 36 month lease.

I send them the lease hacker calculator but guess didn’t help. Any advice would be lovely.

Here’s the link to my calc, I missed something in the calculator, but it’s close

You’re going to want to make your own post for this, don’t steal someone else’s thread, that gets confusing.

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Thx! you got amazing MF and Incentive, plus tax-free. I will shoot for more incentive and a lower selling price

Hi @tongcs, it sounds like you have a great deal. I’m in Shoreline and Doug’s Lynnwood Mazda shared a terrible MF of .00292 for the 2021 CX-5 Signature. I’m checking Edmonds tonight but I’m sure that’s dealer inflated. Does anyone have ways to negotiate down the MF, or do they just go to a different dealer?

What dealer did you go to?

@more2life If dealers give different MF from Edmunds, most likely they are making it up. Of course you can negotiate it. Different model year/trim can have different MF. It seems 2021 CX5 has higher MF than 2020.

For me, Doug’s Lynnwood Mazda shared a MF of 0.0009, while other dealers offered 0.0004. You can try Milam Mazda. They offered the lowest initial quote.

Woah, if the same Dougs offered you .0009 and offered me .00292, perhaps they can’t be trusted! I’ll try Milam and see what they give me from the first quote. Maybe this is part of the game - where I need to demand the base rate.

Another example of why asking for the dealer name after someone gets a great deal is a waste of time.