Deal Check / Looking for Advice 2021 Jeep GC Lease

What region are you in? All the dealers in MN are telling me that the rebates aren’t good enough to get me that low, and I am doing all of this over email / text with them. Once I tell them I am not interested unless its between $420-$480 with 3k down, they just say “maybe the rebates will be lower next month”. I let them know to keep me in mind, since I’m not in a rush to get a new car right now and I can wait until the numbers are where I want them to be. Doesn’t seem like I am budging them much and it seems that they think my numbers are way out of line … advice?

I’m in Massachusetts. If you go on the edmunds site you can put in your zip and choose the jeep from the menu and they will show you the available incentives. They incentives aren’t great on the 2021’s right now but if you went to a 2020 altitude they might be better. I’m not sure if there is much of a difference between the two vehicles.

thanks!! are you pursuing a 2021? Does your dealer have extra incentives right now?

I think so. My wife likes it and it’s ultimately her car. We have gotten a decent quote on a 2020 limited at 427 per month before our trade in was valued. Also a 2020 overland at 520 per trade equity. We just don’t want a 450 plus payment right now seeing we are just getting back to normal from not working for so long due to the shutdowns. She likes the interior in the Laredo X better and the altitude package of course.

Just an update for you. We signed last night and took delivery of the vehicle. Payment ended up at $412 per month with first payment down. 36/12 with a $26,014.90 residual.
We got $4220 in rebates/incentives
$2267 in equity from our Toyota lease trade

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Did you end up going with the 2021 Laredo X? What was the MSRP?

Yes. 2021 Laredo x
Msrp 44,855
Got it at 42950
The claimed invoice was 43700 and showed it to me but that seemed like such a small gap I’m not sure if they were lying.
4220 in rebate. Two of the rebates were for the northeast region. Plus military and Chrysler capital

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Would you mind giving me the sales person contact you worked with? I might reach out and see if they ship. I’d love to get a similar deal but it doesn’t seem like the Minnesota Jeep dealers are going to budge. I’m returning from a deployment in a few weeks and I’d like to have a car ready when I get home, if possible. Thanks in advance!

Invoice is invoice, if they didn’t meet their ‘quota’ then that’s what the dealer paid for the car.

Most ‘high volume’ dealers easily make quota and get a secondary kickback from the manufacturer which well makes up for any ‘loss’ they had on your sale.

So they didn’t lose out, but a small dealership would have , and that same smaller dealership will never sell under invoice for the same reason.

Nice car btw, get them windows tinted so it really makes the white on black look better. (if it isn’t, night pictures are too deceptive)

I really didn’t know how low I should have expected invoice to be and when it was only about 1000 less than msrp it had me thinking that maybe they were just pulling a fast one on me. Windows are getting done, payment is lower than the highlander and the wife is happy with the Jeep so it’s all good.

They are deff a high volume dealer as well. There was 4-5 of the 2021 Laredo x on their lot and the other two dealers nearby both had none. One of the others could have gotten me one and the other dealer couldn’t at the time.


Here is the Breakdown
MSRP =44,570
reabtes and incentives (included military discount)= $6,000
Total=$38570 sale price
Sales tax=$1,183
Licensing and fees close to $726 (we cannot get exact license cost until purchase but is very close)
Total with everything is $41,010.53
With a $2,500 down payment you would be very close to $450 a month. We would just have to dial in the Registration and title fees but these numbers would be very close.

I noticed the website has the price listed as $38,570 as well, so I asked her if that was an error since I qualify for an additional $500 off military rebate, and she said that online pricing is different from lease pricing…seems wrong to me, so I plan to push back on that.

Also I just asked for the residual value they have on this car so that I can calculate it myself.
So, $2500 DAS and around $450 per month. 36 months, 15k miles per year.

What do you think? I feel like it could be lower.

Hi, second post on the forum but wanted to get fresh eyes and fresh opinions

2020 Grand Cherokee Altitude 4x4
Trailer tow group
MSRP: $44,570
Rebates: $6,000 (including military rebate)
Selling price: $38,570
DAS: $2,500
Monthly: $433

I did quite a bit of back and fourth with this dealer and a few others in the area sending offers around and got it from $450 to $433 per month. Only thing its missing is the premium lighting group, which I am going ask if they can upgrade that for me before I pick it up - either adding it to my monthly payment or just putting more down with DAS.

I am not sure what the MF is yet because they’re sending my information to the bank, but I am not too worried about that.


You can get the RV, MF, and incentives from Edmund’s forums. No need to wait on the dealer. If I didnt miss anything it looks like your getting rebates only and no dealer discount. Dont put more money down, do as little as possible, and dont let anyone run your credit until your ready to sign those papers.

Why do you keep pushing this obsolete boulder uphill?

Why not go to the Marketplace and find something 10x more modern and safer like a Volvo XC60?

Thank you for your service. You and your family deserve something better than a dinosaur that is no longer considered safe by 2019 standards

Hi Max,

thank you for the advice. do you happen to know if I would be able to get a similar lease price wise on a Volvo XC60?

thank you!

@max_g has to be careful about picking favorites. I don’t have such concerns. Check out @nyclife .
He will take care of you on an XC60

Thanks for your service!! :us:

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There are multiple Volvo broker there.

And the Volvo was just one example. Literally anything is safer than a JGC in that segment