Deal Check - Leftover VW Arteon

OK, 3 years, so you should know how to post the link to your calc attempt for review at a target payment/DAS you will see if the dealer will match?

Baby steps but yes, makes sense.

I’m guessing “new VW” means another Arteon and not like a tiguan or something. So if you’re 90% sure you’re going to drive an Arteon just do it and enjoy it. It’s a pretty awful deal though.

Yeah, best bet is probably to just buy out my current lease.

Post your attempt at the calc then. Makes things easier to review.

As long as the buy out is close to market value I agree buying out is probably your best move as you haven’t really proven you even know how to lease…and buying will save you from getting into a new lease where you would get taken for thousands.

Yup, first time I cared about anything other than the monthly payment.

If you decide to buy out your existing lease, then we can close this thread.