Deal Check - Kia Niro EV Lease - Good Deal? SOCAL

SoCal/CA Lease Deal Sheet

2024 Kia Niro EV

Newer to leasing so any feedback is appreciated!

Got this first response from a local dealer today. Details in photo below.
Money Factor .00095 / 2.28%

Looking for first month only or zero drive off

Would like my monthly around $300 or less.
Don’t want to pay $595 for the Fusion-5 security.

Anything I should do for a better deal? Car on lot 162 days. Going to send 2nd email after I get some feedback from you guys. I’ll ask for a break down of what’s included in Non Taxes Fees.

Thank you for your feedback!

Have you compared this to broker deals in the Marketplace?

And they still trying to add $595 in junk addons? Go talk to @Jeff_BeachCitiesAuto and see if he can put you in a much cheaper Ioniq 5 SE

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I’ll take a look. Thank you

Yep. Wasn’t even on the window sticker. Last minute add on. I would definitely consider a Ioniq 5 SE. Thank for the info!

Ioniq5 has free public charging and free maintenance :sunglasses:

Who cares? Maybe it’s been there because they’re stubborn af. Maybe the best deal is the high volume dealer who doesn’t sit on inventory.

Know your target deal and make offers to multiple dealers. So do you know your target?