DEAL CHECK: Kia EV9 LAND Washington DC

Washington DC Deal Check. Kia EV9 LAND. Any and add advice appreciated.

I completed the deal calculator here

Check out DistrictLeases. They are local to DC

Dealer discount is pathetic especially considering the dealer add on.

DC sales tax is funny - No sales tax when you buy an EV, but 10% tax when you lease an EV. I’d lean towards a 24m lease.

Thanks for your feedback!

Will do, thanks!

For comparison purposes, in June we leased an EV9 Land with an MSRP of just over $74,000.

Lease term: 24/10

Payments of $500.22 per month, including all fees, tax and registration. NYC dealer.

True zero down, zero drive off as the first month is covered by the rebates (we pay 23 monthly payments on the 24 month lease)

Only standard KIA rebates, and no special incentives.

I would shoot for 12.5% of MSRP before rebates.

Steve, I believe you said in past that the dealer wouldn’t match offer (or only had one left).

Any other leads up in the NYC/North Jersey as potential recommendations? Looking for a Wind or a Land.

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Their inventory was down to one EV9, but it looks like there have more in stock now.

I presume they’d match the deal.

Thanks Steve! May be worth me leasing out of state?

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It was worth it in our case, as we could not find any CT dealer that could come close on price. In fact, the closest was nearly $8,000 more over the two year lease term for a virtually identical MSRP EV9!