Deal Check: Jeep Grand Cherokee 4xe Overland WA lease


Looking at some advice if this is a good deal. Are there more dealer provided discounts I should ask for?

Lease terms: 39/10k

MSRP: $76,620
Down Payment(10.00%): $7,662
Incentives: $5,000
EV credit: $7,500

Capitalized costs: $56,458
Pre-tax monthly payment: $587.43
Due at signing: $9,553
Monthly payment after taxes and fees: $709

Residual value: 53%
MF: 0.00274

Definitely do not sign this.

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Thanks. What areas should I push?

No way! Push for bigger discount and no down payment

Push on the door before you see yourself out.


Hit up @autopia , a few weeks ago he had a base WK (Jeep Grand Cherokee) Limited for like $600 with $2k Driveoff (3 years / 10 miles per annum). Hopefully Sebastian can help source a car for you.

Naturally your build would cost more than a ICE Limited … but the Overland 4xe deal you shared is looking pretty bad.

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If you’re willing to ship a car, contact east coast dealer. I finally got offered $633 a month with $633 DAS for a $76K overland

@djrabbi - which dealer is that?

If you are leasing, you dont need to put up a “downpayment” as if you were buying a house. basic rule of thumb is always put zero down (there can still be drive offs like acq fee, dmv, doc fee, first month pmt) for any lease unless you are looking to immediately buy it out and even then you shouldn’t.

Youre just showing a screenshot of a generic calculator that assumes no discount at all.

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Ourisman in MD. I might hold off till I talk to my wrangler dealer to see what he can do

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The dealer in Kirkland currently lists 96 GC 4Xes in stock, and even has 2022s listed. The cheapest price starts at 54K, which should take an additional 7500 if you lease. They were advertising $299/ o down when I checked last summer. I call a sales person and ask if the $299 lease is still available and negotiate remotely. You should not have to buy out of state given their inventory state and desperation. They should offer to send a limo to pick you up.

Overland trim seems to be the sweet spot right now. You should be able to lease one for about $600 a month before taxes using the Jeep lease calculator. Push for the 10% discount and see if they will bite.

LOL, I visited the Kirkland dealership, when you walk in,the place and people give you a third world used car dealership in their 1990s feel. they got 97 4Xe’s in stock. The quote I got is 5K down 765/m

Base $64,700
Rebates $11,500
Bunch of unknown crap and taxes end value of $59,600
0.00275 MF
58% Residual
5K down

These guys are ripping people off; I walked out with a smile that saved me from a scam.

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I guess there is a reason why they have 97 cars in stock. Eventually it will dawn on them that it is not a seller’s market for Jeeps anymore.

Plenty of other Jeep dealerships that are willing to deal, and I would keep looking further afield. They are usually more desperate the last week of the month.

Wow looking at their website… do they really have 225 wrangler 4xe in stock on the floor? That’s insane.

Are they turning 8 wranglers a day over there?

lol thanks for the message…
was about to reach out to them on 4XE lease deals… waste of time… PNW is like a freaking desert with leases…lemme know if you have any leads in the market looking for a lease deal


I’m getting an overland $76K build for $513 a month with $513 DAS. This is pre taxed.

I would just go to east coast dealer and pay the $1000-1500 in shipping

The Kirkland Jeep dealer is not willing to budge on pricing. I told them that I will see them on December 31st

Unfortunately, it is the tech money perception in the PNW, where they know the money is here and they want as much of it as they can get.