Deal Check: HR-V Sport $230 (Rodo Deal)

Hi Hackrs!

Currently looking at a deal on Rodo. Would love feedback on what others may be seeing in the market and thoughts on go/no-go.

2021 Honda HR-V Sport AWD
MSRP $25590
$230 a month (taxes, fees, etc all rolled in to monthly. $230 first payment, $230 final payment + disposition)

With these Rodo deals it’s really hard to see what they are doing on the back end when you make an offer as the terms don’t update until signing. With that said here’s what the app shares on the list price of $243 a month (taxes,fees,etc all rolled into monthly)

Bank Fee $595
DMV & Dealer $623
Taxes $920

Residual Value $16122
Disposition fee $350
Money Factor 0.000860

Discounts pre my offer of $230 a month
Rodo Discount 1939
Manufacturers Discount $1500
College Grad $500
Total discount $3939

I have ZERO clue how Rodo structures these “make an offer deals” I’m not sure if they are playing with the MF or MSRP discount. Either way we are looking at $230 per month all in - welcome any feedback or advice.

The Rodo offer is applied as an additional dealer discount (ie: increases Rodo discount).
$13/mo at 36mo works out to an additional $468, so your total discount would be $2407 or about 9.5%.

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Thanks for the feedback! 9.5% off MSRP doesn’t seem too bad. I know some have talked about 1% of MSRP on the monthly which this certainly is 25k vs $230/mo.

With that said still open to hearing any thoughts on the deal. I honestly have zero brand loyalty - just looking for a small/midsize suv for my wife that has AWD.

This is not a useful metric for evaluating a deal. Forget you’ve ever heard of such a thing.


Thanks for the feedback. Totally makes sense - I’ve seen others mention higher end makes with 1% coming in as a terrible deal.

If anyone else’s has any thoughts to the temp of this deal or if I should be looking to other AWD makes - I’m open to suggestions, flexible for a deal!

Just remember that the HRV is getting a major refresh for 2022, just like the Civic. I personally would wait for the new model to come out

Obviously, that is your prerogative. In the leasing game, however, new model often means worse deal. Not to mention, perpetual leasers don’t typically have the luxury of waiting.

I’m confused. What are we discussing here, an offer that is just hypothetical at this point?

Anyway I don’t see much point in the HrV as a product. If you never use the back seat, just buy a Honda Fit. If you do, lease a CRV. Search the forum for CRV deals and you’ll see it’s a much better value proposition than the HRV.

HRV has replaced the Honda Fit as the entry vehicle into the Honda line-up. Fortunately there is more back-end lease cash available for the HRVs now which is HUGE considering the margin between MSRP to invoice is so slim on these.

What’s your pretax payment on the HRV? I feel like that would be a better starting point for a discussion than a hypothetical offer

Pretax payment is $172 on the 2021 HRV Sport. The real benefit here is the price point for AWD in Illinois. I haven’t seen anything get close to this for some time. With that said - I recognize that just because I haven’t seen it doesn’t mean it isn’t out there and that this is a deal I should stoke on.

The small form factor helps for the city - but CRV isn’t unreasonably sized for parallel parking. Downside with the CRV is the price point.

How much DAS?

$2204 DAS which is all taxes fees etc.