Deal check: Honda CR-V EX 36/10 monthly 343-371

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list of costs

  • Selling price 30980 (includes the white color $390) - this is the only one in their inventory
  • Registration $550
  • Doc $198 (cheaper than nearby dealership of $699)
  • Gross cap cost $31728
  • Total due at signing $400
  • RV: 63%
  • 10/36
  • no discount off msrp
  • NH (dealership in VT)

Monthly breakdown
0 down: 401-429
1000 down: 372-400
2000 down: 343-371

I asked for money factor and other discounts and the answer that I got was…

  • No discount on MSRP
  • Money factor negotiation once they have a sense that I will work on a deal.

Is this a bad deal?

  • At least they didn’t include the VIN etch fee and were super transparent about the cheaper doc fees.
  • What more information can I ask for?
  • The ballpark figure on the monthly breakdown: where does that wiggleroom come from? How do I bring that down?
  • I’d love to hear your thoughts. If it isn’t a bad deal, I might put down a deposit down today.

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