Deal Check: GLE RWD 2020 10/36 norcal

MSRP: 63250
Price after discount: 58000
MF: 0.00161
RV: 57%
DAS: around 1500, 0 down
Region: norcal

Monthly Price: 760 (before tax), 830 (after tax)

This is the best quote I have received so far out of 5 dealers, and I haven’t negotiated yet. Would love some feedback - can I do better than this given the current market conditions?

Did you find out if that’s the base MF? Do you qualify for any incentives? What’s the break down in your “price after discount”?

Did you contact @oarfish18 for a quote?

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Thanks for getting back to me.

Yes, that’s the base MF.
I don’t qualify for any incentives.

The dealer just gave me a flat off - how does the break down of price after discount affect the situation? Can I get something more?

No, I haven’t contacted @oarfish18 - I checked and found that her dealership (WC) doesn’t carry the specific feature I’m looking for.

The breakdown will help you how much discount the dealer is giving you. Let’s say there is $2000 lease cash from the manufacturer, it means the actual dealer discount is $2000 less than what they are telling you.

My recommendation would be to send your offer instead of asking for their best offer. Have you seen any GLE deals advertised in the marketplace for comparison?

:sweat_smile: I am a girl lol

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What’s your opinion on this deal?

This looks horrific. I’d move on. Over 800 a month for a GLE…

I have edited the original message to accurately reflect this fact!

What’s the right price in your opinion?

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@Calvin.MB @oarfish18 any comments on this deal - can I do better than this? would really appreciate your thoughts. Thanks!

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