Deal Check - Genesis GV70 Electrified (MD)

2024 Genesis GV70 Electrified w/ Advanced Package
$565/month including taxes/fees with only 1st month DAS
$69k MSRP
36 months/10k miles

Not bad; try the 13 month term, though taxes will hurt and might counteract savings there.

Good payment for that much vehicle, but need much more detail about discount, MF, rebates to tell if it is a good deal.

Post a link to your best attempt at the LH calculator

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MD taxes kill shorter terms. Not fun in VA either but slightly better.

Would love some more details on your deal if you can share. I’m in DC and thinking about one of these when my Stelvio lease is up.

Need to be an MD resident? What is MF?

Where is this? I’m in VA. Looking for a new SUV. 13 month lease sounds interesting

Current ‘24 GV70 EV MF, residual, and lease cash numbers…