Deal Check for Mazda CX30 select, in Sacramento, California

Hi everyone,

This is actually my first time posting. If I violate any of the forum regulations, I will remove the post immediately.

I got a quote from one of Mazda dealerships in Sacramento, Maita Mazda:
36 months, 10,000 miles per year (with $1500 loyalty rebate)
$2,000 down, $224.35 monthly (includes tax)

Initially, I was asking for $2399 down and $200.69 monthly including tax (new grad here!), but I guess the sales managers weren’t cool with my numbers.

Please let me know all your valuable opinions :slight_smile:

Also, please stay safe and healthy!

Welcome! For folks to opine, it’ll be helpful if you can provide more info:

  • MSRP
  • Selling price
  • RV (residual value, ask Edmunds forum)
  • MF (money factor, ask Edmunds forum)
  • Incentives you qualify for
  • Zip code

Good luck!



  • MSRP:$24,945
  • Price:21,445
  • RV (residual value, ask Edmunds forum):$15,964.80
  • MF (money factor, ask Edmunds forum):0.00154
  • Incentives you qualify for: $1500 Loyalty
  • Zip code:95820
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I got email from them as the following:

MSRP $24,945
Selling Price $22,945
Mazda Loyalty $1,500

Your Price $21,445
Residual Value $15,964.80
MF 0.00154

Hope this is helpful,

Thanks !

How does that compare to some of the other cx30 listings you’ve seen on here while researching?

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Hi mllcb42!

I’ve seen someone mentioning about a cx30 in previous post,

MSRP was at $25,000, with preferred package. (a higher trim level)

I’m assuming that i have a bad deal here since I was offered nearly $25,000 for a lower trim :confused:

Easiest thing to do is compare your pre-incentive discount amount. In this case, you’re at 8% pre-incentive discount. Look at the other ones and see where they’re at.

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I’ve seen someone get a 12% pre-incentive discount, but it was another make of vehicle. I’m going to aim for a higher discount. :slight_smile:

Thank you :slight_smile:

You need to look specifically at CX30 listings. There have been some great broker listings recently.

12% off a non-Mazda doesn’t do you much good as a comparison point.

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