Deal check for Honda odyssey

I’m in AZ and shopping around for an SUV or minivan. I have been shocked to see everything at above MSRP and tons of market adjustments added to the bill since the last time I shopped (2 years ago).

Went to a dealership last night and they switched the car on me. It had been an hour drive and I got a babysitter so I still sat to hear what they would offer. I scored in the excellent credit range, agreed to an MSRP before disclosing the lease but I still think they stacked the numbers. I can’t get the calc to match these. There was a $599 doc fee and one sent fee for $499 that they would remove but did remove from the MSRP. It was a 23 Honda odyssey elite and after multiple print outs I asked what MF and residual they were using and it did match the numbers I already had (56% and .0019). I still have no idea how they came up with these numbers. $911/month for 36 month with 0 down. This was the only sheet they would show me and wouldn’t let me take it so I grabbed a quick shot. Why is this so high???

Its high because you are paying off almost half of the value of the Odyssey in 36 months.

Also there is minimal discount and no rebates to help out.

There are definitely lower leases out there if you are willing to do a SUV instead

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Or, just like the Sienna and Carnival, finance the Odyssey.


So you telling me $911 to lease a minivan thats usually no more than $50k I would recommend finance but if you want to lease there are some full size suv that are around this price or even lower but the only thing is gas. Right now in Florida gas price is $3.83 and with an Armada it’s about $100 to full it up.

Yeah, that’s totally fine. It would be easier to have a minivan and it looked like the MF was the best out there so I was really hoping to be way lower. I know the times are changing, but we splurged last year (with much lower credit and salaries than we have now) on a high trim level SUV and we pay just under $600/month. It is mind blowing what the costs are. I make a pretty comfortable salary and can support our bills and lifestyle myself (without even taking my husbands salary into account), and have 800+ credit score. I cannot imagine how families who are not living comfortably can be keeping this industry going. How are there no minivans in sight? There’s no way the average person with average credit is able to pay rent and car leases at this rate.

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AZ gas at Sams club or grocery discount is just under $4.00 too. I don’t drive far but was looking for the Toyota hybrid if it ever came back in stock. I will absolutely swing over to an SUV if I can get myself in the $600 range.

You should see some medical or dental office you got front end assistants driving brand new Suburbans and Yukon in Florida running over curbs and there barely making $20 an hour

Still more demand than supply. Occasionally you will see deals here in the marketplace - be prepared to shop out of your local market, drive it home or have it shipped (which people do all the time, I had my current car shipped from out of state), and purchase instead of finance. You want a mini van, get a solid deal on one, wrap it in a warranty, drive it until the wheels fall off.

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