Deal check for Ford Expedition

Hey all, how does this look? It is a courtesy vehicle/loaner ford expedition limited. It has 1860 miles in it and was able to get an extra $1750 incentive due to the loaner status. Already had qualified for $5300 in incentives before that, and so $7050 in incentives sums up this quote. Additionally, tire and wheel warranty is $390 and if I put it in the payment, net payment would be $673.

Thanks guys


Looks good to me but we see very few Ford lease deals so the data for comparison is minimal. It sounds like you’ve done your research so you’ve probably gotten quotes to compare this offer?

Only larger SUV I can think of that leases similarly and is vaguely comparable is the XC90, but it’s obviously a bit smaller.

Thank you, and yes I agree. Very sparse Ford data on this forum. I spoke to 19 dealerships besides this one so… yep. I got enough quotes. With a slight update, this is the lowest that I was able to get it to:

essentially went to 24/15k which is much better in my opinion.

With that discount and incentives a shorter lease makes sense, and you should be less likely to run into maintenance issues and related costs. Guessing the only services needed would be at 10k and 20k miles? Might be able to dodge the 30k.

Looks like a very good deal, certainly cheaper than most comparable 7 and 8 seaters. My friend got one last year for his 4 kids and he’s still happy with it.

Roughly 10% on both deals seems in-line, and can’t beat the rent charge - it’s so low I would sign-and-drive $0 DAS and pay a slightly higher payment.

Remember Ford has oddball 13.5k and 18k leases, get whatever mileage you actually need.

I would worry more about warranty coverage than maintenance, though the additional Ford warranty is cheap at slightly over cost if you need 3/15k+

Agree! I had not even thought of a 24/15k price out until it hit me last minute.Thankful that I decided to ask though.

Also agree that comparable vehicles seem to be much more expensive. I looked into a tahoe, yukon, escalade, qx80, EVERYTHING. They all lease horribly.

Thank you! Made me smile seeing the Ford connoisseur post in my thread!

Regarding warranty coverage, since its 24 months, it shouldn’t matter right? Well it shouldn’t matter if I strictly stay within the 15k per year since I would net out ~32k net miles. I just calculated out a sign and drive and it ends up being $693 versus the original $650. Still go with it?

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This is a great deal. Personally I wouldn’t pay for the warranty or the wheel protection on a 24 month lease.


:point_up_2:t2::point_up_2:t2: Agree

Edit: you can do the math on one tire/rim, but I would likely roll the dice :game_die: on all coverage

Post pics in the Trophy Garage :trophy: after you sign.

Thanks guys. I’ll be sure to post photos of this massive beast. Will be calling the dealer as soon as they open in the morning to finalize the deal.

On a side note, is there anything special I should be doing prior to picking it up? Since this is a courtesy vehicle. Aside from doing a general inspection with my own eyes. 1800 miles isn’t much, so I wouldn’t really think much could have gone wrong but I have never leased loaners/demos before so I am not sure!

Definitely go 24mo because the clock is already ticking on the warranty, I assume it’ll have more than 24mo. You could always ask for the in-service date


I would try to time pickup when it’s light outside bit not insanely sunny. Check the body panels for dings/scratches, glass for chips/cracks, interior seats/headliner for burns or tears.

It probably had a full circle inspection before it went on the lot, a copy of that will have break wear and tire tread depth.

You can probably look it over in 20 min while waiting to get into the box to sign.


Thanks, I’ll ask for the in-service date in the morning. After doing some research on Ford and their loaner purchases/leases, on all dealership sites I visited it states this:

“You will receive a 42-month/42,000-mile Ford Protect PremiumCARE Service Plan”

Although I am confident that the car will still be in the 36month/36k warranty period even without it, it seems like I might be good to go on this front?

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You can look up what ford dings you for on lease return and look for that kind of stuff. I wouldn’t sweat it unless it’s something obvious.

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If 24 months is the same price or close I always go that route over 36 months. Also when you call in the morning maybe think about putting a deposit on the car. Then ask all your questions after that lol.

Will do. That being said, I can’t explain just how good it feels to finally be done with car shopping. 20 dealerships contacted, many many hours spent. Many phone calls, emails, etc. Phew—my lifespan definitely took a hit.

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Looks good.

Would skip wheel and tire unless you have 22s.

Expedition is one of the better full size suvs atm after the redesign in terms of space.

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22’s on 285 tires. I initially wasn’t planning on it until I casually looked up the cost of one of these wheels. Ouch


Depends on where you live and what the road conditions are like. If it gives you peace of mind 390 doesn’t sound that bad. These add ons are usually negotiable so you can ask if they can go lower (in the finance office)

Midwest with abysmal roads. Out of 3 cars that I’ve gotten tire/wheel warranty with, I’ve had to use it 2 of 3 times due to potholes blowing the sidewalls. One particular year, I had to make 3 claims LOL.

The 389 was the negotiated price although I never know just how far to go while also being reasonable with my offer. I don’t think these are a pure profit so they must be taking some loss past a certain amount… maybe.

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