Deal Check: Dodge Durango R/T

Do these numbers check out? Calculator is giving me much different number

Residual is 52%, MF reportedly 0.00015

Calculator says this:

Post your calc so people can see what’s wrong.

I edited the original post

Your calculator doesn’t make much sense to me. Where’s the huge discount coming from? Why is the mf so different from what you listed?

I think you need to confirm the selling price with the dealer. It isn’t necessarily MSRP minus the rebates. It could be but they could also add a market adjustment or some other fee.

Sorry - I forgot to change that in the calculator. Fixed now at the link in my post. That’s the huge difference. Like $110 worth.

Though, if I change it to .0015, which seems more realistic than .00015, then the number is actually dead on. Maybe I just answered my own question.

What do you mean, where is the huge discount coming from?

You are counting the $3800 incentive twice. Your discount is only $1215.76, not $5015.76 plus the $3800 incentive.

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Ok. Then that’s just me not. knowing how to use the calculator, lol. I thought the selling price in the calculator is the msrp minus the discount, which in my mind includes the rebates. And the line later on taxable rebates is just breaking that out. But if I add that back into the selling price, then it comes out right. Thanks.

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