Deal Check BMW X3 sDrive

Hey fellow Hackrs. I just negotiated a deal on a BMW for my parents in Bay Area. Let me know your thoughts!

2020 BMW X3 sDrive 3.0 Demo
4800 miles
MSRP $47345
Dealer discount $9000
Customer rebate $2500 (usaa, loyalty, lease cash)
Purchase price $35845
Total down $5150
$3150 MSDs + $2000 DAS
3 years 10k miles/year

I had around the same payment (off by a few dollars) for my 330i w/o usaa or loyalty (only conquest) similar msrp also. Also bay area. But imo its not a bad deal with tax for these times, are they marking up the money factor?

Looks pretty good to me from what I have found on the east coast. 1st payment down with MSD’s would be $421/mo, and you have a high tax rate. No MSD’s would bump the payment up approximately another $25/mo to roughly $446/mo. I have been looking at demo x3’s in the $51k range, and getting payments between $550-$625/mo with MSD’s on 36/12k. Adding 2000 additional miles is about $12/mo. Seems like a solid deal to me.