Deal Check: BMW X3 (54.5K MSRP/11% Discount)

Hi - I am based out of Seattle and have had no luck with the local dealerships getting any half decent deals. Thanks to this forum, I am working with a broker based out of SoCal and have the following numbers - I just wanted input if this seems like a good deal with the market conditions and all?

The only incentive is corporate sales discount through my employer (not a previous BMW owner).

It’s as good as you’re going to get in this market.

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You could add MSDs to lower the MF slightly

Looks good for the current situation, take it.
With MSDs you’d save another ~$900. Think of it as free shipping if you’re not already coming down to get it. :+1:


Do MSDs if you want. There is no added value to you in sweating it any further. Unless you have 6 months to wait, take it and enjoy the ride!

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If it helps, compare your broker’s deal to other brokers in the area. It might help to compare across the entire forum in the event that incentives etc are national.

From my experience using the forum, some broker’s dealers offered less incentives, but higher discounts, making it a wash. It came down to who was more responsive and pleasant, even if I had to travel.

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yeah definitely doing all you said as well - thanks for the tips!

Thanks all - the responses make me feel good about the numbers. Wife wants to check out the new MDX first before pulling the trigger on this so we’ll do that today - the current lease offers on MDX don’t look much different than X3 so it’ll be a question of which one we like more - I am set on X3 but more horsepower and more seating on the MDX is worth checking out IMO. Will keep you all posted but any feedback on the comparison is welcome :smiley: (i know they’re both in different leagues…)

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