Deal check BMW X3 2021 S drive


Hello, please give me feedback for this lease contract

BMW X3 S drive 30i 2021

MSRP $55xxx
Sell Price $51xxx
Residual 56%
Lease cash $1750
MF: 0.00132
No downpay

Monthly pay: $700 (tax included)

I live in AL and the dealer in Atalanta gives me this quote. I think it is expensive but I don’t know how to persuade the dealer to offer me more discount. I’ve come to US for work 6months ago, so I’m not qualified for any loyalty programs. My uncle is a citizen who can co-sign for me. Right now, the dealership recommends me to use the International Buisiness program, which most people who have a working VISA use. It is my first time to lease a car, so if you have any feedback or suggestions for me, please leave a comment.

First thing you should do is ask for more discount, and if they won’t take more off, ask for the base money factor of .00082. Try BMW of Gwinnett and tell them you are looking for an end of the month deal and will sign by sat.