Deal Check BMW I7 Edrive 50

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131,500 MSRP
5,000 DAS inc 1st payment and inceptions
DMV taken care of by me
$1378 per month

How would yall hakrs rate this deal?

Whats the pre-incentive discount adjusted for any mark ups?

14% off sticker

At buy rate or marked up mf? How ridiculous of a fl dealer doc?

Any rebates/incentives?

24 month terms suck tennis balls through a crazy straw on this model and really any BMW. Get a 36 month and offload it 12 months prior on SAL.


If you see there is close to 15k in rebates. No?

I dont see anywhere in your post where you specified what, if any, rebates were in play.

No one here is judging the quality of your deal based on the monthly and due at sale. Its the inputs that matter, which you have left out.

What you’re asking for in your post is for someone to go look up the lease programs, guess at your tax rate, incentive qualifications/fees, and attempt to reverse engineer your deal to get to the payment at. All that just to get down to the inputs so the quality of the deal can be evaluated.

If you want an actual evaluation as to if the deal has room for improvement, you’re much better off populating the calculator and sharing that.

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Tax rate is 7%
loyalty was a 5k rebate and i’m not sure where they were able to get the other 10k rebate from.

Regardless, If there is more info you need i can share it with you

Post a fully filled out calculator.