Deal check: BMW i4 e35 36/10k in TX - $5.5k DAS / $524/mo


Is this car not subject to the $55k cap for the $7.5k rebate?

My understanding is that $55k cap does not apply for the tax incentive for commercial cars, which is how leases get the benefit of the tax rebate. Income limits also do not apply.


How long do you have to wait for the car? I don’t think there are any i4 e35s on the ground, so you might be waiting for some time.

Is this a good lease deal for Texas?

BMW i4 edrive35

36 Months / 12K Miles Per Year

MSRP 60,275
EV Rebate: $7500
MF: 0.00225
Cap Cost: 55,567.65
Residual: $32,548.50
Due at Signing: First Month’s Payment of $837
Monthly Payment: $837

In Texas.

Check with @IAC


Oh my word.

We could certainly beat that!

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For folks whose incomes are too high for the purchase tax credit, the base M3 purchase price and the i4 35 lease-with-tax-credit-and-dealer-contribution-then-buyout are equivalent. And the clearly better interior on the BMW puts it over the top.

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I am likely an odd duck….But that’s perhaps another topic :slight_smile: I absolutely love the Tesla interior. It gives the feeling that things have been boiled down to their essence while a huge amount of functionality has been retained, but yet visually spartan. There’s just something about that I like. But then again, probably my favorite car of all time is a BMW i3, so I take that into consideration​:crazy_face:

Im in california I just put a hold on a BMW I4 and wanted to know if this is a good deal. This is my first lease so would love any feedback or suggestions.
Msrp 53445
Discount 1550
Cash 3800 due at signing
7500 lease credit
11300 total
MF(Money Factor(.00185)
Monthly 581.90(489+43.63(rent)+49.27(tax 9.25%)
10,000 miles yearly
36 month lease
Buy out 29394
This was the paper work i received to hold it

Better than what my local dealer told me. They were at MSRP and wouldn’t budge.

Thanks, they gave me the discount because Costco Auto Program otherwise would have gotten nothing as well

Thanks, just seeing if this is decent to a good deal

3% off msrp and buy rate is a decent deal for an in stock/transit i4


Especially in CA where you don’t really have to try to sell these.

~$25k total lease cost is a lot for a car whose competitors are like $45k less any federal/state/utilities rebates.

You tagged the wrong person


Msrp 54,645
1800 dealer discount
DAS 3700
Monthly 599.99 including tax
Los Angeles

Car will be here in 2 weeks. Can we do better ?

If it’s local to you, it’s not bad and probably easier than trying to locate and dealer trade a car.

Same comments as before. @Maazy