Deal check: BMW i4 e35 36/10k in TX - $5.5k DAS / $524/mo


Have an offer in TX for:

36/10 BMW i4 e35:

MSRP: $53995 (MSRP also increasing $600 in March)
Dealer markdown: $800
EV tax credit pass through: $7500
Acquisition fee: $925
Tax/title/Other fees: $350
1% tax after tax credit: $457
MF: I believe .0024
Adjusted Cap Cost: $47500
RV$ 29300

Lease: $524/mo with $5500 DAS or $677 with $0 DAS

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Others much more up to speed on this particular car can comment, but to my novice eyes this actually seems like a relatively good deal for this particular model at this time. As to whether it is a good value compared to competitors, that would be another question.

Yes and no. I’m offering 5% off on this, but if there is a “tax credit” equal to 5.25%, then that’s fine. However, the MF is marked up. Base is 0.00185.

Something isn’t matching up though. Calculator is $30 a month more with $0 at signing:

$20 a month off with $5,500 at signig:

BMW dealers can increase MF .0004 so the MF is most likely .00225.

Looks like you have an extra $500 dealer fee which is not part of my cost in the second calculation. I also rounded numbers here or there but monthly payments are accurate

Thanks all, looks to be good enough of a deal I will move forward. Not the best MF but if rates drop I may buyout the lease and finance at 2-3%.

That’s rather insane pricing for a car whose most obvious competitor sells for $45k plus tax, less $7,500 if eligible, less any state or utility rebates.

Tesla doesn’t offer a leasing sales tax rebate in TX so you pay 6.25% MSRP at signing a lease. FWIW I had a strong preference for the interior of the i4 vs the model 3.


That’s what I was hinting at above. This trim is a direct competitor to the base M3 so one has to have a subjective preference for the BMW in order to have this make sense. That said, there’s nothing wrong with that, most car buying experiences have a very large subjective component to them.

Tesla leases also don’t have a buyout option, so it removes the potential of ending with positive equity. You made the right choice in TX, even if you liked them equally.

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where is @IAC he serves TX

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I actually just reached out to IAC this morning and sounds like a better deal may be available. Will update afterwards.


A BMW in 3 years with positive equity!?!?!?? Man I hope you are right, but thats almost never been the case. The past 2 years don’t count :crazy_face:


Paid 40K for my wife’s new 51K MSRP X3 back in late 2019…Carvana buyout last week was near 35K with 33K miles on it…pretty dang good! :slight_smile:


The last few years don’t count. Even a Yugo would be positive😝


Sent it. :slightly_smiling_face:


I hear ya but $5K cost for 33K miles over 39 months (128/mo) on a 52K MSRP BMW is pretty sweet! She ain’t selling tho so doesn’t matter! Haha

Yes, in 2019 times were good for buying and in 2022 times were great for selling so it was beautiful on both ends.

In Washington, if you’re looking for a lower monthly and don’t plan to buy it out. This seems better - $489/month

That price is with a “suggested” $1.1k dealer contribution and is 7.5k miles. He would also lose out on the tax credits from the in state dealer which is equivalent to >$2k in savings.

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Going with this from IAC. More expensive but better deal as we will find most of the upgrades in the car useful:

MSRP: $59815 + $658 dealer add-on
Net MSRP after discount: $56286
Acquisition and other Fees: $1287
EV Credit: $7500
Tax: $487.86
7 MSD for .00183 MF (or .00225 otherwise)

New deal: MSRP 60k; $5875 down = $483.75/mo plus shipping/broker fees/MSD opportunity cost = $536.5/mo. RV: $32.8k

Prior deal: MSRP: $54k; $5590 down, $524/mo, RV $29.2k