Deal Check: BMW 330i xDrive Lease


I’m a new graduate who is interested in leasing a BMW 300i. I’ve been doing some research on car leasing, and I found a deal that I’m interested in. However, I’m not sure if it’s the best deal possible. Can you help me review the deal and see if there’s anything I can negotiate? I’m looking to keep my monthly installments as low as possible.

Thanks in advance.

Deal Terms:

  • Monthly lease payments: $589 per month
  • Lease term: 36 months
  • Adjusted capitalized cost: $44,600
  • MSRP: $49,795
  • Capitalized cost reduction: $4,195
  • Dealer contribution: $1,000
  • Security deposit: $0
  • Cash due at signing: $4,195 + $589 + $925 = $5,709
  • Lease end purchase option price: $28,383

Don’t sign this. Take a stab at filling out the calculator and folks will help you out.

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How many miles per year? Monthly includes tax? Why xDrive in California? Your deals seems high.

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There was a time when a lease was a good idea for new graduates. Not these days. Not by a long shot.

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I haven’t discussed those terms. But I’m assuming 10k miles a year. I’m in Washington state that’s why looking for an xDrive. I’ll ask about the monthly if it includes tax or not.

What aspects can I negotiate?

Reads suspiciously like an ad without the fine print.

Not that it would be much better if it was an actual quote.


You tagged SoCal which is why I asked about xDrive. Over $700 for a $50k 3 series does not sound like a good deal.

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  1. Selling price. The more off MSRP, the better.
  2. The money factor. This is the interest they are charging on the lease. There’s a “base” money factor that the dealership is allowed to mark up, but you can’t go under the base money factor unless you start doing MSDs.

Also check if there’s additional lease cash for a new grad.

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I’m sorry, I’m new to this portal, and it randomly showed me suggestions to add as a tag. They gave an actual quote to me now, attaching for reference.

Don’t take this deal, 1k dealer contribution is too weak to even look at, you should easily get 5-8% off msrp for BMWs in CA

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Even if we had a Time Machine to back when 330i could be leased for sub $400 before tax, I wouldn’t recommend it to a new graduate.

There’s just so much in terms of home equity and 401k and savings one should have before spending this much on a car. Car payments, insurance, premium gas, yearly reg or property tax if applicable, it all adds up.

Even as a car enthusiast I would say that car expenditures should not be a high percentage of one’s net worth IMO.


It’s not even 1k off. There’s an 895 lo jack added in. OP avoid the Seattle area dealers and try either the Portland dealer (kuni/bmw of Portland) or using a broker to ship. Here’s a loaner 330e that I would target 8% off at Kuni.

I would also see if your company is enrolled in bmw corporate BMW Group Corporate Sales Program
That would be another 750-1k off.

You guys need to go easy on him. The BMW people in Seattle are impossible. Can’t compare with CA - I last leased a 330i for $375/mo $1k DAS as a fresh grad in 2019 in LA. Now its 2023, I tried to work on an i4 lease w $7500 in rebate in Seattle and they gobbled up the entire rebate w markups and refused to budge. :sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

WA is a tough place to buy, and this market is not making things easy.

My advice to OP - try to find actual sales/purchases that happened in WA or OR to calibrate. Don’t compare w CA - that will only bring you sorrow.

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I do agree though - for $850/mo you can probably do much better, I got a $65k car quoted at $850 from a Seattle dealer the other day. 8% off, 6.5k incentives, slightly bumped up MF. But you’ll need to speak the language to get there.

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I just signed an A6 for $685. There is hope - may the odds ever be with you OP.

SIGNED - 2023 Audi A6 Premium - $685/mo w tax - $1000DAS - Share Deals & Tips - FORUM | LEASEHACKR

It isn’t all about MSRPs but more about the programs…MF and RVs and incentives…Audi appears to be more aggressive now.