Deal Check -BMW 2024 330i xDrive M sport Lease

Hello Everyone,

First post. Been stalking the last few months trying to learn as much as I can before I need to make a move on a car this month.

Looking at a
2024 BMW 3 Series 330i xDrive M sport Premium package

MSRP 55,165 -9.5%
Sale price 49,924
MF 0.0014
RV 57

2k loyalty
1k lease credit

DAS - 2,479 (1st month, Dealer fee, Acq fee, dealer fee, govt fee)
Terms 39/10k
Monthly 554.06 (taxes included)

LH Score 8.1

Re the car, its got everything I want. Perfect color and specs.

I’m in Ohio. Tried plugging everything into the calculator.

What do you guys think? 8.1 score isnt the best but not the worst?

I’ll likely need to upgrade to a X5 or X7 in 3 years. Depending on the baby situation, maybe earlier. We just bought a custom X3 last month for the wife. Just don’t need 2 large cars right now. If in 2 years i need a bigger car can I just trade my lease in at any BMW dealershiper?

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MSDs will probably get you under $500/mo.

When you say lease credit, does that mean you’re turning in a car?
Is the 9.5% Discount including the incentives?

Either way, off the bat looks like a decent deal.

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Wasn’t sure what happens to MSDs if I trade in the lease early so opted out of that but guess I should inquire more about how the return them.

Not turning anything in.

9.5% before incentives

Anything can be traded as long as you’re willing to pay any negative equity.

First child?

Like I said I think it’s a decent deal given the current market and comps. Did you get RV on 36 months VS 39?

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First child!

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Appreciate you. RV is on 39 months.

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Congrats on the incoming child.
I would just check the RV on 36 on edmunds.


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