Deal Check: BMW 2021 X5 Idrive 45E


custom Build as they do not have any in stock. I shopped around and no other local dealer can beat it, but willing to match. Want to make sure you guys think its good before i pull the trigger.

Year, Make, Model, and Trim: 2021 BMW x5 45E
MSRP: $72845
Monthly Payment: $888
Drive-Off Amount: $4801 (taxes and fees and 1st month payment)
Annual Mileage:15k
Region: NY


Not too good. Are you sure you want to pay $36,000 to rent at $72,000 vehicle for 36 months? Ouch!!! I’d think a broker could easily get you 9-10% off on a build. Plus I’d look into the incentives you’ve posted, I’d think there might be more than $500 available. Time to head over to Edmunds and then enlist the help of one of the fine brokers on this forum.

I did check with a broker, it was at 9% savings for one that was in stock that didn’t have everything i wanted. it only equaled a $30/month difference. and if you factor in the broker fee. it was only a $19/month difference over the 36 months.

Plus at 15,000 miles that makes it even tougher. Many folks when they lease they pass on certain features to get the best deal. But, if the heart wants what the heart wants one can’t argue with that. Best of Luck!

Maybe trying reaching out to RIADEALS

RM…and have a look at

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