Deal Check - Audi Q5 45 S Line Premium Plus 36months 12k miles $599/ month

Hi All,

Please check this deal for Audi Q5 S line premium plus in Wisconsin
36 months 12K miles
MSRP - $55,365
Dealer discounts - ~$5000
Sell Price - $50374
Rebates - $5750 (including $1K from costco)
Down payment - $2000
Taxes and Fees - to be paid upfront
MF - 0.00318
Residual value - 58% (1% more than 57% due to AudiCare)
Monthly - $599/ month (they included Audi Care in this)
DAS - $4251

IDK why people keep posting deal checks on Q5, every single one I’ve seen has been trash.

Well, one of few (only?) gas SUVs to have decent cash back incentives…MFs stink tho and RV nothing special.

What could have been improved?

They were giving RV of 57% as std. Checked at multiple dealers.

One line item by itself doesn’t mean much. The end results are still pretty awful.

One can get an SQ5 for a little more and it’s almost twice the car a Q5 is.

PHEV like the CX90 and GC lease much better and they can be run on gas all the time if one has nowhere to plug in.

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You’re unfortunately asking the wrong question. You need to be asking which makes/models/trims have the best lease programs, which will result in the best payment values, and are therefore worth all the effort you’d be putting in.

A Q5 P+ is a $500 + tax kinda car, definitely not worth the effective $700+ you posted. But that doesn’t mean you’ll get another $5,000 off no matter how much you try.


Agreed. We looked at one just because of incentives and they are really dated too inside and out. Total pad on dash at last second look.

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Which makes are leasing better and is it the PHEVs that are better these days?

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Not makes. Just certain trims of certain models.

Such as the Mazda CX90 PHEV trims and Jeep GC 4xe base trim (optional packages such as Lux/tech can be included but only base 4xe trim has the good programs).

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