Deal Check. Audi Q4 etron sportback Presitige

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Got a quote for 2023 Q4 Etron Sportback Prestige. Should I accept the deal?

MSRP: 69550
Discount: 5500 (8%)
Rebates: 7500 fed + 1500 costco
Term: 36/10k
Residual: 57%
Payment: 710/month, include 3% NC tax, with 710 DAS

Do you need a prestige? A P+ has better residual.

Dealer said the payment for the P+ just $10 less than the Prestige, and only the Prestige has the HUD.

take the deal


Thanks! Just wondering if they could do 10-12% off MSRP, to make the payment ~680-690/month

Could they? Sure. Will they? Up to you to find out.

I’d take the deal. I’m at 9% off, so you’re pretty close to a broker deal on one of these.


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