Deal Check - Audi E-Tron

Good morning hackrs,
I’ve never leased a car before so stumbling upon this site was a godsend. I’ve been lurking around the forums for the last month or so trying to educate myself and the process and everything here has been invaluable. I’ve went to the dealer and took it on a test drive and have already talked some numbers, but I GTFO’ed when they wanted me to sign and my handy leasehackr calculator showed a wildly different number than the paperwork. When I had asked what the money factor was they told me .00139 (which matched up with edmunds) but their paperwork with the lease estimates was calculating out to .0022, which is insane. I’m about to go all in with my final offer, but I’d be a fool not to run it by and see what all you think. here’s the info you need. I do have a tier1 credit rating so I shouldn’t have a problem getting the buy rate, but if they want to keep the money factor high and discount the price more, it’s all the same to me I suppose. I’ve poked around the forums here, edmunds and audiworld and it seems like most people are getting around 10% off MSRP.

MSRP: 83055
Selling Price: 75245
Incentives: 7500 federal rebate + 3000 dealer cash (feb numbers from edmunds)
Money Factor: .00139 (feb numbers from edmunds)
residual: 49% (50% with audicare)
Lease Terms: 3yr/10k
Leashackr calculator:

oops, I had a typo. Selling price is 74245. Calculator is correct

The first thing you should have learned from the forum should be not to “walk in” to a dealership. :slight_smile: You missed the most important part.

Have you checked the deals posted on here by the brokers? Maybe one of them is in your area…wherever that is.

You do not get the $7500 federal rebate on a lease. The bank gets it and then passes on however much they want in the form of other incentives.

Did Edmunds say there was only $3k in incentives or did they say there was $10500?

If you look at his calculator you will see he has it as 10.5K.

Yes, but his write up says he included $7500 for the federal tax rebate. If his numbers are drastically off, it may be due to counting the federal rebate when it doesn’t apply.

Thanks. Audi is passing on the 7500 as an incentive for a lease and Edmunds is showing 3000 in dealer cash for my area (DC) so it’s a total of 10500 back in incentives. That’s one of the reasons why I want to lease instead of buy.

I’ve checked out some of the broker deals but most have been in CA and the etron is way more popular there.

Looks like the only way to improve on this is to get a bigger discount and/or add MSD’s.

I just read this article on the Audi E-Tron and Costco discounts on buying and leasing. Hopefully it helps:

I saw that too and came here to see if it had been discussed. If dealers give that rebate plus a dealer discount leases could start to be decent. But I have no idea what the dealer discount should be on these.

You have the 7,500 federal rebate as a taxed incentive. I don’t believe Virginia taxes incentives but I could be wrong. Would need to check my last two purchase/lease agreements when I get home.

So here is what I read a guy scored in Los angeles from Fletcher Jones Audi.
I was quoted 13,074K off MSRP (11074+2000 costco) and the $7500 fed to be applied to cap cost.
Residual of 51.7% and MF of 0.00139.
based on lease calculator calculations the monthly comes to $747.
Is that a good deal?