Deal Check - 2024 XC40 Ultimate, $500/mo w/$4k prior lease equity - DC

Hi y’all! I’m coming off a 2021 XC40 lease and looking to get a 2024 XC40. My prior lease was great - MSDs down to zero MF was awesome! I’m a little irritated that you can only get the Pilot Assist on the Ultimate. My 2021 was a base trim with all the options, which felt like a better deal. Oh well, I guess.

This is the current deal that my dealer has offered. It’s very close - dealer offered $499/mo, which makes the MSD $5k, not $5.5k. I live in DC, dealer in is MD.

Some questions:

  • $1000 Costco and $500 Loyalty feels incomplete. I don’t know what active XC40 offers are - am I missing a discount?
  • MF is 0.0015 AFTER the MSDs. Feels like it should be a little lower with MSDs. Am I off base? How do I work to lower this as much as I can?

There is $2k lease bonus, if your dealer is in DMV. MF is 0.00175 before MSDs. You get under 6% off before incentives and should do better. Talk to @AutoCompanion

Thanks for replying so quickly!

Great - the $2k discount would make a huge difference. Why would they have excluded it? Do I just… “remind” them that it should also be applied?

I assume they’re marking up the base MF from 0.00175 to 0.002 to make extra on the loan. So, likely just to make the loan more profitable.

What’s the best way to step forward with them? Is it enough to say something like “Add in the Lease Bonus and lower the base MF to 0.00175 and I’ll sign today” sufficient to close the deal? My prior lease was organized by a broker, so I’m trying this out myself for the first time :slight_smile:

They didnt exclude it. It’s included in the discount they quoted you.


Go with a broker again, as I suggested. You will get better deal. Or you can tell your dealer that you want buy rate and 10% off before all incentives (they rolled $2k lease cash into discount). Is it Bright or Dark?

Bright - they also sent me a link to the car that include some pricing:

It’s just easier to tell dealers what % you want including the factory-to-dealer rebates, IME.

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Either way, sure. I spelled out for OP what his target should be.

A naive question then, I guess - am I required to return the Lease to the dealership that I started at? Or can I shop around the lease return equity to other Volvo dealerships? Supposing that those dealerships also have the same model available. It wasn’t terribly clear from the language on the lease itself.

Thanks again for y’alls help!

You can return your lease to any Volvo dealer.

There are a ton of dealers in the DC area - play them off of each other. No need for a broker. Bethesda, DARCARS, Falls Church, Dulles, Bill Kidd’s have all been very willing to deal in my experience.

How many miles are on it?

It just crossed 10k miles, hah. Pandemic ride!