Deal check: 2024 Volvo XC60 Recharge PHEV T8 Plus Dark 36/10k/$0 DAS | $690/mo

New to the process, looking for thoughts and input on this deal at a GA-based dealer that looks pretty good to me.

Dealer quoted $690/month with first payment due at signing. I am getting $673 in the LH Calculator which is close enough but I must be missing something minor/put something in the incorrect field.

Thanks for your help!

MSRP: $66,625
Rebate: $9K
Additional: $8.6K
Price: $49K
Dealer Fee: $900
ETR: $300
Tax: $0
Acquisition Fee: $1K
Net: $51.2K

MF: 0.00271
RV: 57%

Depends on how you look at it.

By definition a leased car has to be eventually replaced with another car. So if you took this lease and then in three years time took another one of these leases you would end up paying ~$49,000 over six years. And have absolutely no equity.

Understood on the rent vs buy argument, I am planning on buying something else at lease end.

Given Volvo’s reputation for lower reliability and the quickly changing EV tech, I figured it made more sense to lease this one. We are also evaluating if this is the type of car we want to commit to and buy. I believe the price I’m getting now is also better than depreciation based on the quoted RV, i.e. I’d pay more to buy and sell if I sold in 3 years than this lease price.

I appreciate the broader thinking question, always good to validate if I am making the right decisions. My question was more around “given I am looking for a lease on this particular car, am I getting a good price on it?”

The 57% RV is inflated. You will never sell it for $38k after 3 years.

That would only improve the case for leasing then.

As in, you already have something in mind? Which is?

Not anything specific, generally plan to buy based on the experience with this one.

I’m looking at the same car. Do you have other down payment? Or only first monthly payment at signing? Thank you!

Just the first payment for DAS

What’s the deal breakdown on this? Rebate are federal plus Costco? Discount off msrp is over 10%?

No Costco and no loyalty. This is all dealer-provided

I have been driving BEVs for 3+ years and I haven’t seen any tech that shifted a paradigm or moved pricing on supposedly now-obsolete competitors products.

When Hyundai and Kia introduced faster-charging 800V architecture? Nope. When Lucid advertised big range numbers? Nope. There’s no more obsolescence happening in EVs than has happened in ICEVs over the years.

And PHEV “tech” hardly matters. No one cares if a PHEV gets, say, 36 miles on electric only vs 32.

Just keep in mind this lease is a big commitment. It’s an ironclad $25,000+ commitment with a high barrier to exit.

Buying a car with a better reputation for reliability and value retention is easier to exit than a Volvo lease.

Understood. Unless you have any more interest I will not discuss your decision making any further.

What is the 9k rebate breakdown