Deal Check 2024 Taycan RWD Loaner

Is this a good deal?

2024 Porsche Taycan RWD
Service Loaner
Added the link to the calculator below.
The vehicle will be registered in Florida.

Are there any lease incentives applied to the deal? If yes, separate them out in your calculator.

@li8625 is gonna try and snipe this one…

no offense to OP but eww no. I don’t do base porsches over 500 a month

There is a $7,500 rebate on loaners, so if the rebate is included in the discount I’d say no.

I have 3 Taycan 4S CPO leases available here:

Yes the 7,500 EV credit is included.

Where are you finding a base for 500 a month?

Hey I’d be interested in the Chalk on black.
The 12 months is my only concern.

12 months is the only way to get an amazing deal on a CPO lease.

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Add taxes and govt fees to your calculator.