Deal Check: 2024 Kia EV9 Land 24/10k/$0 DAS | $633/mo


Looking to get some feedback on a deal for a lease I got from a dealer based in ID. I live in WA and it’s a really great offer compared to what I can find in Washington.

I’m a bit worried it’ll be a bait and switch. Other dealers in WA are saying the MF and rebates are completely wrong and that they aren’t including taxes/registration so I’d end up paying more per month than the quote I got. Here’s the breakdown:

MSRP: $73,870
Discount: -$6,200
Sale Price: $67,670

Total rebates: $8,300
Doc fee: $399
Advanced Payments: $662.95
Upfront Charges: $663.00
Total Cap Reduction: $6,974.05

Residual Amount: $47,276.80
MF: 0.00005%

Mf and rebates are incorrect for today’s programs. Kia seems to have updated today.

Mf is now .00091

Rebates are $10400 plus $1500 select vin if applicable for the WA zip i just searched.

That tracks with the LH calculator as well as the deals I’ve been offered here in WA. What’s weird is the deal I got from the dealership in ID came in today. So they should have the correct MF and rebates.

Since the MF and rebates are incorrect, there’s no way the lease would be accepted by Kia Finance if I were to go and sign, right?

Oddly, i just searched the programs for an Idaho zip code, and i get .00005/$8300 still. Would need to confirm if Kia does incentives off dealer location or customer location.

You’re right, I’m seeing that too. Well now the deal seems a whole lot more legit. But to your point, I’ll make sure the incentives are based off dealer location.

Signed the deal today and was able to get a car with a VIN that had the extra $1500 so the monthly payment is $596. So even though I’m a WA resident, I still got the Idaho program.

Looks like I was able to get in just before the program changed in Idaho. MF is now 0.00282 for the ZIP code of the dealer.

Appreciate your help, mllcb42! It was worth flying to Idaho. Monthly payment is a bit over $200 cheaper compared to the best offer I got in Washington.

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