Deal Check 2024 GLE350 Finance

Hi guys, I am in NC trying to negotiate financing for a Mercedes-Benz GLE350 AWD 4M. I got a pretty decent deal today, just want to share and see if is there anything else I need to pay attention to.

The offer I received today:
MRSP: $68545
Rebate/Discount: $2299+$500
Adjusted Price:66245
Dealer fee: $518
Tax: $2002
Non tax fees: $83.5
Balance: $68350

60 months, $5000 down, $1249/mo with 6.35%APR (Applying for the loan now, maybe can get a better rate)

I’m applying for the loan now so need to wait for OTD price, but I’m pretty happy with this offer and want to seal the deal. Please help to see if is there anything I need to take a look at for this current deal, thanks!

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