Deal check: 2024 Cadillac Lyriq Tech- Fl

Trying to get a Lyriq deal. Florida is always fun with that. Curious what folks think of this deal. Been trying to get an AWD but finding one is proving to be difficult. Having trouble getting the calculator to match well.

2024 Cadillac Lyriq RWD Tech in celestial.

Msrp: 59,215
Sales price: 53,411
After Costco and conquest: 49,411
Dealer fee: 899
Fees/taxes/plate: roughly 900

We are currently at 363 with 2.3k down on 24 month lease which puts us at a 458 effective monthly. (Includes 7% tax on monthly payment)

Let me know your thoughts and thank you!

Did this model qualify for the 7500$ off instead of the tax credit? What did they tell you about that. They told me you can’t get that on a lease. I feel this isn’t true

Yea you can’t get it on the lease as they use it to boost residual

They are still at 949$ and 879$ a month for a sport 3 awd and rwd respectively. Seems high? They have the residual in the 40k range for 3 yr 15k a year miles. Too high ?

I would suggest going 24 months and rerun numbers. For the tech and lux 1 it’s a lot cheaper atleast at 24 months vs 36.

That’s great I’m asking her now. I appreciate your help! 40k seems low for residual tho?

Also I’m sorry I’m not any help with your question I am new to this forum but trying to upload my paperwork so you can see it and compare to yours but I can’t figure it out

There are no leases that exist where you get a tax credit. It is illegal to claim the tax credit if you lease.

What you do get is whatever incentives/rv support/etc the bank decides to offer because they got a tax credit when they purchased it to lease it to you. Some will refer to this as the tax credit, but it is not a tax credit.

In the case of the lyriq, they pass on savings in the form of an inflated residual value instead of as a cap cost reduction incentive.

is this in south Florida? also looking for a good deal on these

Ok signing at this.

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The higher trim levels on these don’t lease as well as the base models. The residual takes a hit. If you want the low payments you are seeing here you need to go to a 1.

Would you mind sharing which region in Florida this deal is? It’s a great deal If they have others I would be interested

Central, once I pickup tomorrow I’ll ask if they will do others.

I do feel there are prob better deals out there as this VIN didn’t qualify for the extra rebates, but finding them is proving to be hard. This one they sold it at cost wouldn’t even drop a dollar more as I tried.

I did qualify for Costco, conquest, and supplier (wasn’t aware you could stack supplier due to the rate finder calc but they said you can)

I’m familiar with the Costco, the conquest, What’s the supplier?

I went to the dealership today and they wouldn’t even give anything close to the numbers you’re showing after an hr of negotiating I was at 2000 down 515 a month, conquest and Costco included

Supplier is an extra 1000 off depending on where you work if they get supplier pricing.

Yea if that’s on a tech package def keep looking. I found a few dealers that would give me close to this once they got over the shock of the payment and actually sat down to figure it out with rebates.