Deal Check: 2024 BMW X3 xDrive 30i

Please can you comment on deal ?

MSRP $66250
Incentive. $2500
DIscount 12%
Sell Price $55800

MF 0.0021

$801 pm

12k / 36m

DAS/DriveOut: $2,888
Down: zero

Car: xDrive 30i (fully loaded)

  1. Driving Assistance Professional Package
  2. Dynamic Handling Package
  3. M Sport Brakes with Red Calipers
  4. Parking Assistance Package
  5. Premium Package
  6. Shadowline Package
  7. Rear manual side window shades
  8. Remote Engine Start
  9. SensaTec Dashboard
  10. Harman Kardon surround sound system
  11. Drive Recorder
  12. Front and Rear Heated Seats
  13. 21" wheels
  14. Cognac Leather seats
  15. Tanzanite Blue II Metallic
  16. Cognac Vernasca Leather with contrast stitching
  17. 20" M Double-spoke Bi-color Wheels

Calculator link:

I don’t understand why you wouldn’t just buy the car for 59 instead of leasing it for a total cost of 36?

66k Msrp? You sure this isn’t a m40? Either way, over $900 effective for either, no.

That’s a very nice discount for a 24 M40 tho!

this is xDrive 30i fully loaded (updating original post)

I can always buy end of lease if I really like and wanna keep the car. thoughts?

Wow…do you really want all those options? And it is missing the one I’d want the most…spare tire! X5 xDrive40 starts at 67.

Maybe dangerous for any future resale if you bought out…

Thought there was at least like 1k lease cash? Seems like a very big payment (1k/mo) for an X3 tbh.

$36k RV + 9.5% tax + the cost of using used car financing with a higher APR = probably another 44k in payments … so you’d would have spent $80k on a car selling for 59k plus tax.

You can definitely get there before even adding upgraded wheels.

@myrrv007 I can beat this by a little bit in the Bay Area, but it’s about the same ($300 better) after the broker fee.

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Unless it has leather, every option imaginable, and a $4500 paint job, that MSRP can’t be right. At that price go for the M40i.

I have updated with what I have latest , check now

It is still simply too much money for that vehicle. You would be better off with an m40i. It will hold its value better over 3 years if you are considering buying it at the end. But at the end of the day, if that is the vehicle you want, then the deal itself does not look bad. The only issue will be when you tell another x3 30i driver how much you are paying and find out their lease is only $600 a month.

Still a hard pass IMO

Ignoring your option load for a second, this is a good time to be able to use LH’s lease vs finance calculator to quantify what it means to lease vs buy/sell-later. It makes more sense for you to see your payment options than just write off leasing because Max is a anti-lease-Debbie-Downer.

Go find a financing offer and sense check this, but for now I’m going with a 60 month loan at 5.5% interest to try and create an equivalence vs the lease. I’m assuming the “down payment” on the financing is equal to the DAS you’d have on your lease minus the first month’s payment.

The LH calculator allows you to see the implied impact if you were to use your vehicle for 36 months and then sell it. I’m using the same residual as the lease because I don’t think anyone else has a better resale value forecast for 2027. Also, I’ve removed the lease disposition fee because I’m assuming you sell your BMW in 3 years without out of pocket reconditioning or pack costs. Which is what a lease disposition fee is meant to cover (but is waived if you roll into another lease)

Since you may really really really like your BMW, maybe you’ll keep it 4 years instead of 3. The LH calculator doesn’t have BMW 48 month leases on X3, but typically the 37-48 month depreciation hit @ 12k per annum is ~10%. If you compare a 48 month vs 36 month lease on a MB GLC 300… the resid hit is 11%. So 10% seems fair. Leasing is still “better” on an affective monthly basis.

Then, going to 60 months… this is where buying/owning-longer is smarter.

Anyway, you’re a smart person. You already know this car is expensive, and German cars depreciate pretty fast. Only you will know if you’re ok getting a gently used CPO right now is ok for you. And only you will know if you’re cool driving this BMW for 5 years. If these things are not in your cards because you don’t want to be in a used car and you start to dislike vehicles after 3 years… then lease away.

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This site isn’t THAT good at deal checks.

You got a great deal for the vehicle you are looking for.

Remember there are plenty on this site who drive Nissan EVS or Nissan pick up trucks, not because they are objectively good, just because they are cheap.

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This is awesome.

Agreed, with the state of “the trusted hackers” all thinking a lease only makes sense on Unicorns… I feel like this site should just be rebranded “you are left with no equity after a lease. just delete your account because max is smarter than you”

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