Deal Check 2024 BMW i4 xDrive40

from the dealer:

these numbers don’t make sense to me. i understand from this forum i’m supposed to try for 5-8% off MSRP? the money down is also my trade-in, a 2014 2-series manual they’re valuing at 10k.

they told me UC $1149 is 3 year warranty. sales tax in utah is 4.7%. and i understand there’s no loyalty on i4 for some reason? here’s my version in the lease calculator with the 7500 EV tax credit:


Hit us up, we’ll obliterate that deal.


They are trying to rip you off.

this is what they said when i asked for any % off MSRP…

is this accurate? what’s the normal amount of % off i should be able to get off MSRP for BMW for a customer build? or is this baloney?

It depends on market, we’re still working on figuring out your trade but we’re going to give you a good amount off, very close to you.


nice keep me posted

this dealership told me BMW doesn’t do MSDs anymore either…

Hilarious, just run away.


I love it when they push for ridiculous down payments like $10k

Get the heck away from Unpleasant Grove BMW