Deal Check - 2024 BMW 330i


2024 BMW 330i xdrive
$51k MSRP
8% off MSRP, 2k rebates and MF 0.0021
0 down and $2.5k DAS
$690 monthly after tax

Is this a good deal in WA?

I think you forgot the most important part, how much per month.


updated in post

Easier to review if you put in calc and post link.

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Looks pretty standard…did you compare to broker deals in CA?

Way too much money for a 330i in my opinion, but WA has high tax rate on lease payments I think. For reference, lease a $53K 330i in MD for under $550 a month. We pay full tax upfront, so had about $5K DAS.

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Eeek. Almost $700 for a 3-series? IMO, run.

Just for reference and understanding this is a completely different market, but I paid $240/mo for my 3 series back in 2019-2021, no money down.


Since it’s a completely different market, I don’t think it’s helpful to reference a deal from 5 yrs ago.

OP, have you considered contact a dealer or broker in CA to see if they can get a better deal? Dealers in WA historically tend not to give good deals, from what I’ve read here.

I would shoot for 10% off and base MF of .00180 if you have strong credit? Instead of money down, I would shoot for MSD’s even though they aren’t worth a bunch. I live on the east coast so who knows? Hope this helps.

It’s around ~10% same as LA, not much above NYC.

Understandable, but $700 for a 3 series when they are $450 in the marketplace….

$450 for a brand new one with the same DAS as OP?

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You’ll pay $27,000 to drive a $51,000
Car for 3 years. Does that sound like a good idea?

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MSRP for OP’s is $3K higher, DAS is $500 for OP’s, mileage limit for OPs is 10K (not the 7.5K), and pretty sure the $450 doesn’t include tax.

So, yes, quite a few differences.

Thanks for the advice. I’m asking CA broker now. WA market is just insane