Deal Check - 2024 Audi Q8 etron prestige


2024 Audi Q8 etron prestige
Looking for some insight if this is a good deal.

Lol. “Here’s Costco, but here’s also almost that same amount in trash add ons”

What does the calc tell you?

I entered the info (best I could) in the calc before I posted…I couldn’t get it to match up probably user error. However it appeared to be a good lease. I’m no expert, so was just checking to see what people more knowledgeable than me on this topic thought.

Bad deal, full stop. Decent deal on Q8 this month is about $850 assuming 8-10% off before rebates and affiliate discounts. Wait until next month; deals will be better as inventory grows. Or get a loaded BMW iX this month for under $950.

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If you’re willing to ship it from PA, I can practically double that discount without all the added crap.


Not a good deal. Q8s haven’t hit the iX/EQ level of discounts yet. Dealers treating it like a new car even though it’s just a refresh.

Give it time if you can wait.

Do you need a prestige? The premium Plus has a better residual.

This is not good. I had a quote with 12% off MSRP before rebates, for a premium plus.

What did your monthly end up looking like? I have not seen 12% off MSRP on a Q8 etron, so that must be really good

Which region did you get the 12% off?

Curious based on what? High optioned premium plus with a bigger discount is your only hope of making this anything close to palatable.

It’s around $900 monthly with no money down. Yeah, the price is not bad, but after the test drive, just didn’t feel like it’s a car I want to drive with $900 monthly… not very exciting…

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Texas 202020

One dealer in NorCal quoted me $900/mo on Premium plus Q8 E tron with nearly $5k DAS today…hard pass.

Was this $0 DAS or just $0 down?

First month due at sign in only

Terrible deal

Yeah I love Audis and I’m trying to be polite to others but this isn’t a $900-1000 a month car.

Under $700? Yeah I can see that.

Your tag says OK, reach out to @IAC, he’s in NTX and can do better.

Sorry, I disagree. This car is definitely worth 800 and maybe 850 a month with 0 down. Under 700? Are we saying that a Q8 Etron isn’t worth more than the Y?