Deal Check - 2024 Audi Q5 S line 45 TFSI in Florida


Local dealership offers the following deal:

MSRP: 53,290
Discounted: 49,290

Down: $5,500
Monthly: $658.64
Terms: 10K/36 months

What’s the room for negotiation here? Does it make sense to negotiate?
I was originally looking for Acura MDX (which is in similar monthly range but lower down payment), and someone suggested looking at Audi. I like the car but on the fence if it’s worth it.

Definitely not worth anywhere near that. Continue looking into MDX numbers in Marketplace and Signed Deals & Tips

Did they suggest an Audi Q5 specifically? The MDX and Q5 are totally different sizes. What size car are you looking for?

You need to stop asking the dealerships what deal they can offer and instead tell them what deal you want. To do that, you need to do your homework on what discounts others are getting on that model, what the MF and RV are, etc.

You’ll spend $29,000 to drive a $53,000 car for 3 years. Does that sound like a good idea?

I am trying but there’s only one company that offers Acura in FL.

No, they’ve suggested a brand. Q5 is a compromise between what I want and what I can afford. I got to say, I didn’t hate the car, it drove way easier than MDX and way softer than Nissan Rogue, which is close in size.

I would appreciate if you could help me understand how that conversation should go. Genuine question, I really am not sure where to start.

I guess I was looking for a confirmation :slight_smile: I didn’t sound like a good deal at the moment, they aggressively pushed on “we’re offering 8% discount already, what else do you want” and “if you’re ready to close today”.

Learn the negotiables and how to populate the calc.

If you like the Audi, you should shoot for 9-10% off since it’s getting a facelift in 2025, but they do have a shortage due to a production problem early in the year.
Acura’s have good MF’s and decent residuals, but dealers won’t discount and incentives are basically minimal, at least without loyalty. Can’t compare an MDX with a Q5.

Check the Marketplace for other brands’ deals.

For example Mazda CX90 PHEV for $432+ tax with acq, doc and DMV fees DAS. Less if you have lease loyalty.

The Q5 is one of the worst deals on the market today.