Deal Check: 2024 Alfa Romeo Giulia Competizione AWD

How bad of a deal is this? Taxes + fees rolled into monthly payments. Demo car w/ ~1.5k miles on it.

Edit: LH Calc

Easier for people to review if you put in the LH calc and post link.

Search this site to see if any other deals on this model to compare…anticipated discount, incentives, MF, RV, etc.

Forgot to include the LH Calc in my original post, added!

Is that buy rate MF? Why 42 months? What are discounts off MSRP on new ones?

Is that buy rate MF?

This was the MF I found via another forum (Edmunds) – it corresponded with the rest of the numbers/monthly payment on the LH calc.

Why 42 months?

That’s a valid question, I’ll update this post when I also have 36 month rates.

What are discounts off MSRP on new ones?

Frankly speaking, I don’t know.

If you have buy rate MF it all comes down to discount off MSRP. And any rebates or incentives offered. Try to Google and find a forum for the car you are looking for and see if people are posting what discounts they got. Or just ask. This is the major task you have. Also research the various RVs for different terms as maybe one stands out. You want to be under warranty the whole time and also depending on state not pay for a license/reg fee for a year and only use for half.

When the clock start on the warranty?

I would check on that. Hard to know if you’re getting a good deal w/o that info.

Warranty is 4 years/50k miles, clock started earlier this year (won’t give an exact date).

The incentives for a brand new (non-demo) Giulia Competizione would be 3k (as opposed to 6k for the demo).

Switching to 36/10 would add an additional $25/month.

Did you ask for an exact date? I would ask for one. And, if they won’t give it, I personally would be very hesitant to do business w/ them.

So is the “Savings” listed on your worksheet the pre-incentive discount (you might want to play around w/ the calculator)? Because, if not, they are effectively charging you over MSRP for a demo…?

No longer pursuing this car, I appreciate your help though.

What’s the AR warranty? If it’s less than 42 months, run away quickly. Last thing you want to drive is one of those things out of warranty.

Edit: I see it’s been addressed already