Deal Check-2023 VW ID 4 PRO AWD

The VW deals on the 2023 PRO S AWD ID 4 are $17500 in discounts, but all of them are on stop / sale. A dealer offered me these terms on the only available 2023 AWD ID 4. Should I wait for the PRO S to come avail or just go with the PRO at these terms?

24-month lease, $3,500 down $434 per month 15k miles per year.

Discount or incentives? You need to separate the two

$18,750 in Lease Bonuses

For well-qualified customers. Very limited inventory available.

Volkswagen Credit will apply a $7,500 EV Lease Bonus and a $11,250 Customer Bonus for well-qualified customers who lease a new, unused 2023 all-electric ID.4 AWD Pro S Plus through participating dealers and finance the lease through Volkswagen Credit from May 14, 2024 to July 1, 2024. Very limited inventory available. Subject to credit approval. EV Lease and Customer Bonuses applied toward lease contract and are not redeemable for cash. Bonus cannot be redeemed on Fleet or Dealership Sale Program vehicles. Offer not valid in Puerto Rico. May not be combined with Fleet Programs. See your participating Volkswagen dealer for details or, for general product information, call 1-800-Drive-VW. ©2024 Volkswagen of America, Inc.

So if the dealer is doing $17750 on the lease youre talking about and vw is giving $18750 in incrntives, does that mean the dealer is marking this up $1000 over msrp?

the quoted lease for the avail 2023 ID4 PRO from the dealer is a PRO and not subject to the VW offer as that is only for the PRO S PLUS models–none of which are available for sale at the moment due to a recall. All i now is the MSRP of the vehicle is $49931 and the lease terms are 24-month lease, $3,500 down $434 per month (includes tax) 15k miles per year.

Lets try this differently since no one is going to try to reverse engineer the dealer offer.

What is your target deal on this based on the discounts you have found here while researching and the programs as they apply to you?

If you dont have that already put together, stop what youre doing and put that together.

Having that target deal put together will inform you how poor of an offer the dealer gave you.

OK, thanks

here is the detail pricing and the LeaseHackr calculator. Any thoughts, anyone?

Please post the calculator for your target deal, not the dealership offer.

Youll need to research appropriate pre-incentive discounts, but this seems very low for what is essentialy two model years old now.

The dealer mf is marked up (this is one of the details a target deal would identify for you) and you need to separate discounts and incentives so you can properly compare.

I’m sorry, I can’t follow that. how do i research pre-incentive discounts, whatever they are, and whats is “dealer mf”? how does that help me negotiate?

The deal you have posted has a $3500 discount off msrp, except the dealer has marked up the money factor, basically inflating your interest rate, to make more money. That mark up is costing you about an extra $1000 in rent charge, so while they’re claiming to be giving you $3500 off, youre really only getting $2500 off.

Basically, that means youre getting about a 5% off msrp pre-incentive discount.

When you filled out your calculator, you combined the incentives and the discounts, so it looks like the dealer is giving you an amazing deal at 30+% off. They’re not. They’re offering 5% off, on a 2 year old ev. That sounds very, very low.

You can determine what a reasonable pre-incentive discount should be by looking at deals posted in the shared deals section of the site here as well as broker offerings. You would then want to populate the calculator with the proper lease programs (actual incentives, what the residual value and money factor should be if the dealer wasn’t marking them up, etc). There is a great video in the leasing101 section on the main leasehackr website that explains how to do this.

After you do that, you will likely see that this deal is several thousands of dollars more than what you should be trying to negotiate.

Thanks so much for taking the time to explain that to me, I really appreciate it!!!
I couldn’t find too many deals of recent times for this car on leasehackr when I search. Nor on the broker worksheets

There is a reason for that. The lease numbers on this car seems expensive when compared to Ioniq 5/6, Ariya, EV6, bz4x, solterra etc.

That plus the fact that most of the inventory are on Stop / Sale due to an open recall

Instead of pushing this boulder uphill, wouldn’t it be easier to get an Ioniq 5 or Ariya etc from the Marketplace ?

You are very wise!!! I didn’t like the Ioniq 5 when i drove it. I guess i can tell the VW dealer his money factor is triple what it should be and see if he responds. But more importantly I should go look at the Ariya and the EV6. Much thanks for all your continued guidance!

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That would be incorrect information and would simply paint you as a clueless mark to the dealer

Please explain because i wouldn’t want to do that.

Buy rate looks to be .00343. Theyve marked it up to .00371. Its marked up about 10%

OK, thanks!