Deal Check 2023 Volvo XC90 ULT 7P

Hello. New lessee here so appreciate any feedback from the experts. Sharing the calculator link however have a few questions to see if I set it up correctly. This is for a deal in Louisiana.

2023 XC90 Ultimate 7P, 11 miles. MSRP $71,130.

Next to selling price in the calculator, do I put the price after any incentives have been applied or before? I have been a USAA member for years, and according to the calculator there is a $1k incentive for lease pin D for USAA members. I have loyalty and then taking the $3k for all. If I tick the incentives in the calculator I’m assuming it is then applying those even though the actual cap cost or selling price is lower than what is showing in the selling price? For this linked example, $60,368 is showing in the selling price of the calculator, but that would be before the Volvo incentives are applied.

Also, is it possible to have trade equity applied to the MSD’s rather than the cap cost? Would that even make sense to do so and how would I set up the calculator to reflect that?

And to be clear I don’t have a dealer that has offered quite this deal, but I’m rather close so really looking to zero in this calculator prior to submitting my “best and final”. Thank you in advance.

The selling price is MSRP minus dealer discount.

Incentives come from the manufacturer / finance company, not from the dealer, so those are addressed separately.