Deal Check 2023 Volvo S60


Hi Folks, Would like to know your thoughts on this deal. Dealer in IL, I am in WI.
2023 Volvo S60 B5 AWD Plus Black
It is a loaner and has less than 2K Miles on it.

3 Year 36K Miles
$0 down - monthly payment $560

MSRP/Retail $51,445.00
Selling Price $43,650.00
Rebate $500.00
TITLE FEE $595.00
Doc Fee $347.26
Gross Cap Cost $44,992.26
Cap Cost Reduction $500.00
Adjusted Cap Cost $44,492.26
Paid by Customer $1,212.23

Calc link


Looks like there might be $3000 lease bonus cash avail but I don’t see it in the incentives line. If you have in dealer discount line it will reduce the 16% dealer discount that it looks like now.

Good catch - that is applied to the selling price.

We’ll see what others think but I think you can get a much better dealer discount on a 2023 demo. There are some brokers offering an 8% discount off of a 2024 non-demo

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Talk to @Benedetto, but be nice to him :grin: