Deal Check: 2023 Volvo C40 Ultimate

Hello everyone, help needed on my first ever lease.

MSRP: $62,240
Discount: $5,000
Incentives: $10,500 (EV Tax Credit: $7500, Costco: $2,500, First Responder: $500)
MF: 0.00110 (After 10 MSD)
Tax + Fees: 4,968.56 (Tax: 2,858.34, Doc Fees: $899, Acquisition Fees: $995, Processing Fee $899)

Cash Down in photo includes Tax+Fees and MSD.
Not sure how he got $358/month. Plugging in the same numbers into the calculator I am getting $453.

Would appreciate any help navigating my first lease.


Post a link to how you’re getting 453

Might be using different DAS numbers.

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I think I got the calc to match on that point, payment is still $50/mo too high

I’d be asking the dealer for a quote with just $0 + MSDs DAS. On this MF you’re probably paying $225 over the lease to roll everything in, but it makes comparison easier and you can always decide to pay Acq and/or taxes upfront when it’s time to sign.

I suspect a broker can get you a better deal right now.

He can ask @AutoCompanion and possibly save $300 on the dealer fees to partially compensate for broker’s fee IF his dealer is in MD.

No need to involve a broker at all and pay a broker fee IMHO. MD and VA dealers are both happy to do nearly any deal on C40s to just get it off their floorplan.

Bethesda, Silver Spring, Bill Kidd’s should be looked into

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Sure. But a broker with an MD dealer will cost him $100 over what he has now with VA dealer plus possible bigger savings, as I said. Not everyone can negotiate to the same price as brokers offer. Just an option.

It’ll be hard or nearly impossible for a broker to meet or exceed this offer and make it make sense with a $400+ broker fee. Thats 2/3 of a % when there’s not much meat in the bones left here. I seem to recall reading there was 11% margin on the C40 for the dealer and he’s at 8% already.

His only hope for a better deal is a MD dealer with a lower doc fee, hence my suggestion of those three dealers.

That’s my point. $900-$500=$400 to offset most or all of the broker fees and go from there. Or, if he can negotiate himself with any MD dealer AND get that extra 2% ($1,200) is even better.
p.s. good luck with Bethesda and probably with Silver Spring (“we don’t lease loaners”) lol

The trick here is to eat the bone too.


Yeah these are being aggressively moved. Just got 12% pre-incentive from a dealer.

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Do you qualify for the federal tax credit if you purchase an EV?

Where are you located? I’m in California and I’m having a hard time finding more than 5 to 7% off pre-incentive.

Edit: sorry, looks like you’re in MD right? I would love to find 10 to 12% off out here.

If you don’t mind sharing the name of the dealer that offered 12%

12% on your first ever lease? Dropping lease terminology like a pro? 1st post on LH? Something is not adding up. Went to an aggressive Volvo dealer in NY and they told me to kick rocks and they do deals at 10% off.

I know the dealer, but to pay ~$9k T/Fs upfront + $4,500 in MSDs is absurd for a C40

You do not.

I’m not asking about just this car. There are alternatives

Oh my bad!