Deal Check- 2023 Volkswagen Atlas Cross Sport in AL

I am currently leasing a 2020 VW Tiguan SE that will be coming up for maturity in June. It will have $13775 residual and it is currently selling in the 25K range for my mileage/year.

I received this as a first quote from a dealer in my area:


MF: .00158

Purchase Price: $42300 - 0% off of MSRP

Residual: 24,957 (59%)

$4k down

$1000 lease incentive (I was told I wouldn’t receive this unless I put at least $4k down?)

**$4575 Trade (Pretty low IMO considering it currently has about $10k in equity)

I feel that they’re pretty low on trade and could probably work with me on MSRP. Thoughts on how I should counter? Thanks so much!

You are not getting a good deal here at all!

The car is being sold to you at MSRP. And they are using $4575 of your equity in the deal to make it seem like you are getting a good deal.

I was recently inquiring about a Volkswagen Atlas (not Cross Sport) and I was able to get up to about 7-8% off MSRP discount (I didn’t go through with the deal, but this should give you an idea of what might be possible). You should put the brakes on this deal, and shop around at some more dealers first.

And you might have to shop around your trade at as few other dealers as well. You don’t necessarily have to do both transactions at the same VW dealer (I know VW’s are hard to do at third-parties like Carmax etc, because they give non-VW dealers a might higher payoff).

Edit: Oh, and that $4000 down, to get the $1000 lease incentive sounds like bullshit. It could be a “loyalty” incentive (because you are coming out of one VW lease into another). I am just making a guess here. You need to verify what the actual current incentives are (check the Edmunds forums).


Unless I’m missing something, I would run very, VERY fast and very, VERY far away from this dealership.

You’re putting $4K down AND handing over $4.5K in equity? And the monthly is still $360/mo on a $42K car w/ a recent residual value?

It seems like you are effectively paying way over MSRP on this.

Check w/ Edmunds about this, but I’ve never seen anything like that on here.

When a dealership tries to rip you off this badly, I say don’t waste anymore time and go find another dealership.


lol. You are affectively putting $14k down and still paying $360 per month. That sounds horrible.

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